The Vital Health Revolution

In the wise words of Deepak Chopra, holistic means whole, which is the origin of the word, health. Health, healing, and wholeness are one in the same. Once we can establish this connection, we can begin the journey to healing. We each have the power to optimize our health and well being through lifestyle and nutrition, to actualize (or live into) our own fullest potential.

The shift has been so subtle, yet overtime, the health industry essentially has evolved into a sickness industry. Sickness has become a business, and it is what hospitals, medical equipment makers, pharmaceutical companies and physicians and surgeons thrive on. This is a day where Americans are demanding more power over their own health. People want to feel and live better, and they want to do it with less drugs, radiation and surgery. In the last decade or so accumulating research is showing how lifestyle changes can prevent almost ninety percent of chronic illnesses in our society.

At Revitalize, we focus our attention on prevention of disease, together with lifestyle changes that could both prevent and reverse these states. We explore with and teach patients how chiropractic, meditation, restful sleep, healthy diet, emotional and social well-being, exercise, and healthy relationships can change disease-related gene expression, which in turn can dynamically change how we experience health or disease.

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