A Little Introduction

Sometimes we can’t know what is on the other side of manifestation until we completely open our hearts and minds and allow the universe to take care of the details! When we give our body what it needs, we feel great on a regular basis!

Up until fairly recently, the collective societal experience of a health care visit looked something like the following: you walk into the doctor’s office, wait in the waiting room while watching soap operas or news television until your name is called, go through a string of tests, and then subsequently are presented with a diagnosis and a prescription. The doctor would offer a trusted explanation you weren’t expected to fully understand yet be convicted without question. As a people, we have learned to normalize both the massive influx of pharmaceuticals and pain associated with lack of proper function, so we go along with doing what the doctor says hoping it'll fix our woes.

These days, we're beginning to do things a little differently, as a people.

More of us are increasingly thinking of doctors and health professionals as partners in our larger efforts to meet our own personal wellness goals. They walk alongside of us on our journey to self discovery and healing. They are the ones we consult and also the ones that are learning to offer more of a co-creative process to explore options.

Americans are now demanding more power over their own health. People want to live better, and they want to do it with less drugs, radiation, and surgery. This idea goes hand-in-hand with what chiropractors have been teaching and practicing with their patients for decades.

Fundamentally, we give the body what it needs to be able to function at its optimal potential, by actively removing nerve interference and reversing nutrient deficiency. Restoring the integrity of the nervous system allows the body to function with a hundred percent of innate intelligence, including the fluidity to carry nutrients and oxygen to the brain. We also give patients the tools to shift from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a SOULful one (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, and Local). Both chiropractic and nutrition restore quality of life and slow down or change disease trajectory altogether.

We approach each care plan on a individual basis. Chiropractic and nutrition are keys to health, and nutrient supplementation works to round out the diet. We encourage patients to supplement, and we provide them with an all clean supplementation line, offering supplements that are completely derived from whole foods— sans chemicals and synthetic counterparts. This is so exciting for us! Ideally, we would love to test all of our patients for deficiencies and other conditions and imbalances so we are better able to tailor care plans.

Purpose Statement:

To stay a relevant and integral part of the emerging wellness movement. To serve and uplift the community by relating, teaching, and living to our highest potential, facilitating others’ paths to healing and consciousness, and therefore contributing to the greater consciousness of the world.


To change our country's sick-care system into one of true healthcare, in which everyone we touch ascends to a higher state of wholeness in spirit, wellness of body, and peace and happiness of mind.


A world where people are empowered to maximize their highest health potential through alternative and preventative lifestyles.

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